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  Hao Hui Furniture Co., Ltd is a professional furniture manufacturing enterprise. The company has advanced furniture manufacturing equipment; have engaged in the design, manufacture, installation, management and other aspects of professional and technical personnel. To design, develop fashionable and practical generosity of all kinds of office furniture. Companies are the main products are

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What height is the optimum height office chair it?
Currently our office is part of the office chair can be adjusted according to the needs of users of high and low, but there are bow-type conference ch...   
Office furniture How does the dehumidifier moisture
Phenomenon 1: leather furniture in the days back to the south, are particularly vulnerable to moldy phenomenon. Also easily lead to a serious distorti...   
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Purchase of office furniture standards and recommendations 1, the overall mix:A, integrity: to be considered when selecting office furniture office furniture d...
How to identify environmental protection office furniture When the purchase of office furniture in addition to pay attention to the exterior design, the price...
How to verify solid wood furniture? Recently, many consumers had been deceived, that he buy office furniture, said good wood, and the re...